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Lunar Enterprises is one of the finest and honest placement services in India. Running over two decades from its capital city New Delhi, it was established by its Managing Director Mr. Abdus Salam. It is a forum where young and qualified job seekers come to proclaim their availabilities to the companies looking for right candidates. Our main business is to identify and assess outstanding executives and to find for them a suitable placement.
At our client’s end, we ensure that their recruitment needs are met to the best. We put forth our most experienced expertise to explore all available resources to fulfill the requirements of our clients. From the Top Management to Researchers, Doctors, Technicians, to Marketing Persons, Cooks, Computer Operators, to Truck Drivers or Construction Laborers; we provide hard working and highly competent persons in India and abroad working at universities, hospitals, banks, developing softwares or building roads, bridges or huge commercial buildings.

Our Vision

We work with a vision to become the most honest placement services provider to our people. We want to help our countrymen and upgrade their lives by providing them with decent job opportunities, whether its available in domestic or international market. We will say yes to each and every job requirement to our future generations. With man power export to other nations, we will help in the economic recovery of our country.

We know that the right positions at the right time could build up a career, and we never want our candidates or clients to miss an opportunity. One can be a topper in the academic field or may excel in specific areas. But a wrong job in a wrong company at an inopportune time could ruin the career forever. We have helped innumerable persons to find their correct path and helped them with the right breaks. We have handled it all efficiently, from the top management to researchers, doctors, technicians, to marketing representatives, cooks, computer operators, to drivers or construction laborers.

Our Services
Our main focus is always on finding the most suitable and perfect job available in the market for our candidates. At the same time, we also focus on the recruitment of right candidates for our clients as per their requirements.
We not merely go through the job contents and description provided by our client, but also we try to understand client's corporate philosophy, vision and objectives. It helps us in finding the most suitable candidates for their esteemed firms.
At the same time we never oversee the personal requirements, likes and dislikes of the candidates analyzing their emotional needs through in-house per-placement interviews, so the injustice must not be done at their parts as well. It helps in creating long lasting bonds between the employees and their employers placed through our agency.
Our mission is to provided better service and exceed the expectations of the public by focusing on quality selection and pooling of manpower resources and we work to accomplish that.





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