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Lunar Enterprises is one of the prime forthcoming travel services in India. Running over a couple of decades from now from its capital city New Delhi, it was established by its Managing Director Mr. Abdus Salam. It was started as an honest effort in providing international recruitments and all kind of travel assistance to overseas jobseekers and unemployed youths of the country. Gradually, to meet the requirements of its dedicated clients, Lunar Enterprises expanded its operations in all kind of international travel assistance.


At the client’s end, the firm ensures that their travelling requirements are met to the best. A team of professionals led by its managing director put forth its most experienced expertise to explore all available resources to fulfil the wants of the clients. Starting from the visa assistance, the team covers all details unto the last moment like travel insurance etc.
Having an extensive experience in Middle East countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, Lunar Enterprises is best at providing Umrah Services. Apart from all its new ventures, the firm is still dedicated to provide best services to overseas jobseekers.
Lunar Enterprises also assist foreign nationals with FRRO services, which include registration and Visa extension or any kind of assistance they require while travelling in India.




Lunar Enterprises Travel Services, New Delhi, India

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